Survey Research - Likert Scale left to right

25 Sep 2014 10:10 AM | James Ranieri (Administrator)

likert scale exampleSurveys: in the association industry, you likely have seen many number of surveys from membership feedback, conference evaluations, board and committee responses, and more. The Likert Scale is a useful survey format for getting responses, particularly if done properly.   

Do a quick google images search for Likert Scale.  You will find many examples of the scale where the "positive" responses (strongly agree, excellent, etc) are on the left side of the scale, and many others where the "negative" responses (strongly disagree, poor, etc) are on the same left side.  

When designing a survey, which side should this be on? Is there a correct answer?  It may not seem to matter, particularly when searching through all of the likert scales used in surveys and seeing a close to 50-50 split in this ordering.  Nevertheless, research has been done to provide some feedback on this issue.  Intelligentmeasurement has some results from research on this topic.  You'll find their findings interesting if you do a lot of surveys.  Check it out here


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