Returning to In-Person Meetings

10 Mar 2022 9:09 AM | Anonymous

In Person Meetings ReturnState and national organizations are starting to feel more comfortable meeting in person, and to some extent international groups as well.

Nothing can replace the special factors that make in person meetings so much more valuable than virtual events. With that in mind, there are some new procedures to bring a comfort level to your attendees.

You may want to provide additional space for your attendees. Ask the venue to place 2 seats per 6 foot table instead of 3, or to place 6 in round tables instead of 8 or 10.

We have added outdoor receptions, on a balcony/porch/patio, or better yet a beach. Be prepared for an extra cost such as a tent rental in case of bad weather, or lighting. Attendees have always enjoyed outdoors events but even more so now.

Be sure to have a professional review your venue contract! Particularly important is the force majeure which can protect you in possible events if things take a turn for the worse.

We have held in person events where masks have been required and/or where vaccines or negative tests were checked. However, this can be a sensitive subject for some attendees and depends on the culture of your organization to determine whether this should be your plan. Speak with your likely attendees in advance to see what their comfort level is!

Our meetings have been growing almost to pre-Covid numbers and the success of these meetings have been tremendous. The psychological well being of the membership is noticeable! Plan well in advance with these above tips and you too can find a joy in returning to what made your organizations of value.

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