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17 Sep 2013 2:00 PM | James Ranieri (Administrator)
One of the major advantages to our company is shared resources.  Rather than a small non-profit or association having to lease/purchase a phone system, copier, fax, folder, mail machine, computer, server, and so forth, these items are essentially shared by our clients.  In addition to shared products are shared systems. For example, data security is a major issue for small organizations that may currently have files either scattered among volunteers or on one individual's home computer!  At Prime Management, our data is stored securely and backed up every night.  

We use Enveloc - - and have found their service to be affordable and extremely customer friendly.  We've had two occasions where we have had to retrieve data: once an accidentally deleted file and a second time was due to a file becoming corrupt.  In one instance we were able to retrieve the file from their software in minutes.  In the previous instance we had some trouble and called their customer service who retrieved our file on our behalf.  

It could not have been easier and with this experience we are now very confident that this expense is money well spent to keep our client's data protected. 

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