In Person Meetings Remain Irreplaceable

30 Aug 2016 4:39 PM | James Ranieri (Administrator)

An item for all association professionals to consider is the changing challenges associations face from emerging technology. 

face to face conference

Is that the reason some meetings, and membership in associations, is in many cases beginning to suffer?

No! Certainly, technology such as social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others, allows for professionals to network and discuss concepts easily and quickly from the comfort of their own home, work space and even on the run from their smart phone. 

But, even the newest associations form within the industries of these technologies!  WordPress conferences are regularly occurring! 

There are some groups that may have expanded beyond their need, or perhaps they are susceptible to technologies overall and are now scaling back.  But, like-minded individuals still need to have face-to-face time at a conference.  Sometimes the speakers, workshops, or educational activities are excellent and sometimes they fall short.  But the real learning happens in the receptions, lunches and breaks when real life discussions can take place.  No post can replace this.  

This is likely the reason that WordPress conferences are taking off.  Social media and technology associations are forming every month on local, regional, national and international levels.

Humans are social animals and need face to face experiences in some cases that will for the foreseeable future support the in person conferences for which we are needed! 

If you find that your start-up is in need of professional management, we are happy to help bring in our experience and knowledge of the meeting space to make it a success.  Financials are often not the strong point of volunteers and a professional manager can typically assist in this area.  

We look forward to hearing about your conferences and are happy to help when needed! 

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