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Top Method to Boost Your Association's Social Media Influence

04 May 2018 10:37 AM | Anonymous
Most businesses these days, whether they are for-profit or not-for-profit, are utilizing social media to publicize their products and services.  In terms of associations, social media can be used to publicize an upcoming event, membership, or accomplishments of the group.  It can be used to drum up support for an issue, or to spread the word about a possible law change, among many other possibilities. 

The cost of a social media campaign can often be very low especially for associations that can utilize volunteers for this purpose.  However, sometimes the opportunity loss of a volunteer who loses interest or simply can't maintain the schedule can outweigh the actual cost of paying an individual or company to run your campaign.  Prime Management, as staff familiar with the workings of our client associations, is well suited to manage social media as we are already well tuned to the goals and accomplishments of our clients.  

However, regardless of who you use to run your campaign, a useful tool and one we find may very well be the top method to boost your association's social media influence, is called  This free tool displays the popularity of certain hashtags as well as which similar or related hashtags that you can then add to your campaign.  Try this out to get ideas to spread the possibility of your posts reaching a larger audience. For example, entering the term #Nurses on the site immediately pulls up other related terms such as #Nursing, #Doctors, #Healthcare or #NurseLife.  Perhaps adding a different hashtag in some or all of your posts could bring in some new views and possibly new customers.  It is a simple step and a quick search that could help your project be a big success!

Lastly, we would be remiss if we did not end with a note that if you would like us to talk to you about possibly assisting with your association's social media campaign, managing your conference, or providing other services to your association, please contact us

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