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21 Mar 2019 3:39 PM | Anonymous

Prime Management Services runs over nearly two dozen events a year, all over the world. One of the challenges over our 20 year time in business has been the cost of travel.  While prices in 2019 are often very affordable, this is not always the case. What can you do? 

We want the attendance for our groups to be the best possible, so with that in mind here are a few tips to try to find the best prices for airline tickets. A cheap flight helps us get our interested attendees to our conferences! 

Google Flights: Search Google Flights from your home airport to your destination, for your dates, and then click "Nearby airports" either for your final stop or from your home (or both!) to see how much less a short (or long) drive might be. In addition you can check dates as perhaps 1 or 2 days before or extended to your stay can save you enough to justify. Plus who doesn't want to take advantage of a nice place and do some local sightseeing rather than just flying in and out for business. 

In addition to Google Flights, we recommend checking at least 1 of the following congregating travel sites (if you have time, check all 3):

SkyScanner -

Kayak -

Momondo -

Lastly, once you've checked these options above, it is always worthwhile to circle back to the airline's website directly, as occasionally their site will have a discounted rate. 

Keep in mind some airlines (Southwest, Allegiant, Via, JetBlue) may not appear on the congregation sites, so if your airport is served by one of these, it may be wise to check their sites as well.  

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