Twitter is making some changes, and they will affect you!

12 Dec 2011 3:28 PM | Deleted user
Twitter has long been a simple establishment for me. When Facebook took off it was great. Good, clean fun if you ask me! But now, I can barely keep up with all of Facebook's updates, revamping, restructuring, and remodeling. That is one of the reason's I enjoy Twitter - because it has pretty much stayed the same, remained easy to use, and continued to grow in popularity among my clients and colleagues. So, you can imagine the deep gasp I took when I read this article, "The Impact of New Twitter on Events"

Fortunately, after reading the article, I found out that the face of Twitter is not massively changing, nor is how I use it. True, the aesthetics of my "Twitter Homepage" will be getting a facelift, but Twitter at it's core will remain the same. These changes that are being made will only enhance my usage of Twitter, especially on a client and business based level. (I do NOT send "personal" tweets, I am just not that interesting!). Here are the changes, in a nutshell....

#HASHTAGS -Your company will be able to personalize your hashtag by embedding a button with your hashtag already pre-set. This will allow the hashtag to show up even more, which will enhance your ability to have your topic "Trending". It will allow for maximum categorization of incoming tweets, and you will no longer have to worry about someone creating a hashtag that is similar to yours, or tweeting with the wrong hashtag.

BRAND PAGES - You will now be able to post videos and interactive feeds about and from your event (like a Facebook Event Page). Users will have the option to get more detailed information about your event if they choose to do so, thanks to this new feature.

Change, as we all know, is inevitable. Change that actually means something, and is a positive thing, is just, well...GRAND! Thanks for reading!

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