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  • 27 Sep 2013 9:20 AM | Anonymous
    The National Gardening Association (NGA) awards Youth Garden Grants to schools and community organizations throughout the U.S. with child-centered garden programs. 

    Applicant schools and organizations must plan to garden with at least 15 children between the ages of 3 and 18. 

    Twenty programs will receive a $500 gift certificate to the Gardening with Kids online store. Each program will also receive a tool package from Ames, plant starts from Bonnie Plants, and a seed donation from High Mowing Seeds. 

    The application deadline is December 6, 2013. Application guidelines and forms are available on the NGA website -
  • 20 Sep 2013 10:25 AM | Anonymous
    USArtists International, administered by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, is committed to ensuring that the impressive range of the performing arts in the United States is represented abroad, and that American artists can enhance their creative and professional development through participation at important international festivals. Support is available to American dance, music, and theater ensembles and solo artists that have been invited to perform at significant international festivals anywhere in the world outside of the United States and its territories. Grants, which generally range from $1,000 to $10,000, will seldom cover the applicant's total expenses. The upcoming application deadlines are December 6, 2013, and April 18, 2014. Eligibility details and application guidelines are available on the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation website -

  • 17 Sep 2013 2:00 PM | Anonymous
    One of the major advantages to our company is shared resources.  Rather than a small non-profit or association having to lease/purchase a phone system, copier, fax, folder, mail machine, computer, server, and so forth, these items are essentially shared by our clients.  In addition to shared products are shared systems. For example, data security is a major issue for small organizations that may currently have files either scattered among volunteers or on one individual's home computer!  At Prime Management, our data is stored securely and backed up every night.  

    We use Enveloc - - and have found their service to be affordable and extremely customer friendly.  We've had two occasions where we have had to retrieve data: once an accidentally deleted file and a second time was due to a file becoming corrupt.  In one instance we were able to retrieve the file from their software in minutes.  In the previous instance we had some trouble and called their customer service who retrieved our file on our behalf.  

    It could not have been easier and with this experience we are now very confident that this expense is money well spent to keep our client's data protected. 

  • 05 Sep 2013 5:26 PM | Anonymous
    The W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) today announced a $5 million investment to identify and cultivate innovations in the growing field of family engagement that support children’s educational success from birth to 8 years old. Organizations that have developed effective family engagement models that address obstacles faced by low-income families are encouraged to send initial submissions for possible funding of up to $500,000 for one to three years.

    Read more details at the organization's web site.
  • 30 Aug 2013 10:53 AM | Anonymous
    The Georgia-Pacific Foundation primarily invests resources in four key areas that are essential to creating and sustaining strong communities: Education, Environment, Community Enrichment, and Entrepreneurship. Georgia-Pacific leverages these four key areas ("The Four Es") to impact communities.

    Requests for support will be accepted between January 1st and October 31st. No requests will be accepted after the annual deadline. Requests should be postmarked by October 31st for current year consideration.

    See for additional details.
  • 30 Aug 2013 10:51 AM | Anonymous
    Grants made by MVAT are for military and veterans groups who support or provide services to promote and enrich the lives of active and retired military and their families. Included are educational and research programs that directly benefit veterans or who educate the public about veterans.  Organizations must be IRS tax exempt public charities, 501(c)(3).

    See additional details at
  • 23 Aug 2013 4:20 PM | Anonymous
    The Genographic Legacy Fund, a program of the National Geographic Society, awards grants for community-driven projects directly preserving or revitalizing indigenous or traditional culture.

    Funded projects have included documenting a traditional language, oral history, or ceremony; creating culturally specific educational materials and programs; establishing a local museum or archive; intergenerational knowledge sharing; and preserving significant sites and artifacts.

    Projects must show a strong level of local community involvement in their planning, governance, and implementation. It is strongly preferred that the project manager be a member of the indigenous community. If the project manager is from outside the indigenous community, he or she must show that they have a strong and well-documented relationship with the indigenous group.

    Awards will typically not exceed $25,000. Applications are due September 15, 2013.
  • 19 Aug 2013 2:13 PM | Anonymous
    The MAP (Multi-Arts Production) Fund, administered by Creative Capital, supports original new work in all disciplines and traditions of the live performing arts. MAP assists artists, ensembles, producers, and presenters of a high artistic standard, whose work in the disciplines of contemporary performance embodies a spirit of exploration and deep inquiry. MAP is particularly interested in work that examines notions of cultural difference or "the other," be that in class, gender, generation, race, religion, sexual orientation or other aspects of diversity. Grants range from $10,000 to $45,000, with an average of $25,000. Applications for MAP grants must come from U.S. nonprofit organizations. (Artists or ensembles may apply through a fiscal sponsor.) Applying organizations and artists must demonstrate at least two years of professional experience. The online letter of inquiry process opens September 9, 2013, with a due date of October 4, 2013. Invited proposals must be submitted by December 9, 2013. Visit the MAP website for eligibility information and application guidelines.
  • 29 Jul 2013 11:10 AM | Anonymous
    The Cities of Service Impact Volunteering Fund supports cities that work to engage citizens in efforts to address pressing city needs through impact volunteering. More information at the following link:

    Cities of Service Impact Volunteering Fund

    Cities of Service logo

  • 24 May 2013 10:23 AM | Anonymous
    We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service.  It is our number 1 priority as a company.  A very close number 2 is to be a responsible company utilizing resources to the best of our ability to leave the world in as best shape for the next generation as possible.

    How we do this:
    • Using FSC sourced 100% recycled paper
    • Recycling 100% of paper products and almost all other recyclable materials used by our company
    • Recycling lanyards and name badge holders
    • Giving preference to eco-friendly hotel and conference centers
    • Utilizing green web hosting serviced by 100% wind power

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